Aloha, Oregon


After 5 years of service to the Amateur Radio Community, I am slowly rebuilding the PTT Switch Website.

I'm not in a huge hurry to finish up the new site, mostly because my summer and fall are filled
with many Public Service events, Rides and Races - all which I direct or play a significant part in.

If you need repair or warranty work, please holler at me


Marc W7PM

Welcome to our ProPTT Products website.
Most likely if you are checking this site out, you have been personally referred to the site by another Ham Radio Operator.
Make sure you check out ProPTT products reviews on EBAY under my Callsign. You can also check out our product reviews on EHAM.
All of our handheld PTT switches are 100% assembled and tested here in Aloha, Oregon USA. The foot switch products are made by a third party company, but each carries the same 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as our regular products.
If you have any questions or want to suggest a design change, we are always willing to listen to you. We realize and celebrate the fact that each of our customers is a technical person, so we appreciate your feedback and suggestions!